Wash, Dry, Makeup, Repeat…

Brush Cleaner: Sephora












It’s finally Friday Gals!

To all my makeup aficionadas, I bring you this brush cleaner. No more dirty brushes for you!  This product is from the Sephora Collection and the price for it was $14, pretty economical. This cleaner comes in a small black cylinder. On the top of the packaging it had the name of the products and a small description of what it can do. On the back of this product it has a peel label where it tells you the ingredients, details of fabrication, and instructions on how to use it. This container is super easy to open and close, you literally twist it like a bottle cap. As soon as you open it you can smell the product, it’s such a fresh scent! My favorite part of the product is that in addition to the soap, it also came with a silicone insert. Another thing I loved is the size of this product; it is definitely travel size, which is convenient when you’re going on trips. The only thing I wasn’t a fan of is that it can get pretty messy with the bar of soap, but a spare towel can help you with that.

So far I’ve used this product twice and it has done such a good job. I would recommend this cleaner to anyone! Everything about it is super convenient; from the way it is packaged to how the product works. Once I am done with this one I will definitely be going back to Sephora for another Solid Brush Cleaner.

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Love Dlo..