Short Hair Don’t Care…


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So Gals,

I did an “extreme” make over, I cut my hair! I’ve been thinking a lot lately about cutting my hair shorter, just like I did last summer. So I finally did it, the only thing is that I told the stylist to cut it too short. When she was first asking me how short I wanted it, I kept thinking back to the pictures of the summer; I was 95% sure I had cut it up to my shoulder but actually it had been a little below my shoulders. To top it off, I asked for short layers!! I felt like my hair had no volume and needed something. Needless to say, once the stylist was done, I was in shock. I’ve always been the outgoing one when it comes to my hair, but as I have gotten older I tend to think twice about how it will really look on my face. I’m not saying I hate it; it actually has grown on me. Although it has been a struggle; might have to look into getting some type of treatment for my hair so that it’s not crazy all the time. I’ve also found out that pony tails and my usual bun aren’t really going to cut it. Some homework on how to style short hair is going to have to get done. If you have any ideas of products or styles I should try, leave me a comment below or message me.

The weather is changing, try something new!
Love Dlo..

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