We build this city…

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Hat: Lids
Shirt: The North Face
Jeans: JCPenny  (as seen here)
Shoes: Finish Line

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Happy Monday Gals and Gents,

On today’s post, it looks like Gio is missing home, Chicago we miss you!! He has some of us wishing we could pull off a casual look like him. Sometimes for men, wearing a t-shirt and jeans can look too dress down. Though the goal is to look like you didn’t try, you still want to look polished. This is a great example of what my t-shirt and jeans kind of Gents can do. Whether it’s your favorite sport or graphics tee, look for a color you want to highlight. In this case, we chose the black; that’s in the skyline, and the white; that’s in the letters.  We knew if we paired this shirt with jeans the whole polished look and color combination would be destroyed, so of course we went with his cool black jeans. We had styled these black jeans a different way in an earlier post, they are very versatile. For accessories, we looked for items that had those two colors. Luckily when we were going through our Nike Roshe love phase, we bought these cool print black and white sneakers. They went perfect with this outfit. To finish off the look, we chose this black Nike Chicago hat. Having the color black on the top part of his body, as well as the bottom half, directs the attention to his Chicago skyline shirt. Fun fact, I had picked this hat out in the summer and told him we could share it, Gio declined my offer because he didn’t like it, but now he wears it all the time and doesn’t share! Not fair at all.

New week, make it count!
Love Dlo..

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