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Hey Gals,

Who else loves the feeling of tracking packages!?! I love it, except when it tells me my package won’t make it on time. Today I will be telling you about a new subscription box I’m trying, it’s called Sol Theory. Super fun name, huh?! So this company gives you the option of what type of subscription box you want to get. Their main focus is on glasses. You can choose between getting one pair ($12.99), two pairs ($19.99), one pair and three beauty products ($19.99) or a pair and 2 jewelry accessories ($19.99). They have a couple of more options to choose from if you want a quarterly box or every 2 months, big plus is they also have subscription for men! This is the perfect box for my friends out there who want to be fashion forward with their sunnies without breaking the bank.

For my first month I chose a pair of sunnies and three beauty products. I’m just obsessing over everything beauty and I wanted to see what they would send me. So what I got were: some really chic grey tone reflective glasses, a facial mask, a bath bomb and a mini eyeshadow palette. Everything is perfect for this spring summer season. I’m super excited to try out the bath bomb, I don’t have a tub but I will find a place I can try this at. The mini eyeshadow palette came in different tones of green. I was a little hesitant about it but the colors stay well on the skin and look bright. The last beauty product was the French Clay & Eucalyptus Facial Mask. I do have to say it smells a little funky but it feels so refreshing as soon as it touches the skin. I’ve used it a couple of times and it leaves my skin soft. The glasses are very chic and trendy. I really wanted some reflective ones for my trip to La Paz and these were perfect!  They look like your standard glasses, probably made out of strong plastic or something similar. While on my trip I would put them in my purse, on my head, lay them on the beach, they were basically everywhere and they survived. It was a cute little box! My second box is on its way and I’m so excited to see what I get.

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Don’t be boring this summer, buy yourself some cute sunnies!
Love Dlo..

P.S. If you use the code DLOS20 you can get 20% off your first box! Now who doesn’t love a good discount? All my stylish gents out there can use this code as well, or gals if you have a special someone gift them some cute sunglasses

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