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Hotel Catedral

During our La Paz trip we stayed at one of the cutest hotels I’ve been to, Hotel Catedral. This hotel had great decoration. Some items were vintage like: the lamp in one of the common areas and the distress brick on the ceiling arches, which gave it a colonial look. There was also a modern touches like: the design of the restaurant chairs and reception decor. All the furnishings are so minimalist in design yet bright in color, they stood out against the white colored walls. Everything has such clean lines.

This hotel had great amenities: pool area with views, a sit in area next to the pool, a little bar, a restaurant, a patio with chairs to relax, and a printer area. As soon as you walk in the hotel there are two glass doors. On the right side you have the restaurant and on the left side the reception area. The reception area is so clean and modern. On the right side of the reception you can see an open work room. In this room they had a printer and work space for any one that needed it. The staff is super nice and they speak multiple languages. When we were there one of the receptionists spoke French, English and Spanish! Talk about being multilingual and meeting everyone’s necessities! The restaurant has big glass windows that let the morning sun shine through. They also have sitting available outside on the patio, for those who needed that morning mist. You see an all glass elevator in the middle of the courtyard area. In front of the elevator a little bar area, with a couple of stool chairs, a TV, and lots of liquor in the back. On your left side of the courtyard there’s some big white and beige comfy patio furniture. As you take the elevator up you can see all of their cute decorations and the people having a good time! We were staying on their highest floor, the 4th floor. This is where the pool was located. As soon as we were situated, I went straight to the pool area and they had amazing views! You could see the ocean, little houses, mountains and a top view of the Cathedral (church). There were also great sunsets. The hotel also had an underground parking garage where only guest can access it. The hotel includes free breakfast every day. Out of the 3 days we were there I had the pleasure of eating there twice. There serving is buffet style, all you can eat. They have something for everyone that includes; authentic Mexican cuisine, cereal bar, fruit, milk, coffee or the best fresh squeezed orange juice. The food was to die for!!!

The rooms design is so minimal but it feels airy and comfortable. The detailing in color and design stood out greatly. The bed has been one of the comfiest I have been in, and the pillows are oh so soft, and trust me I’m picky when it comes to pillows. The room had a nice view of the ocean. One of the best furniture of the room was a long desk. We literally would spread out all our accessories there to see what we were taking with us on that day.  The closet in the room was a great size. It had enough room to hang all our clothes and store our shoes, as well as a lock box, our first time using it. The bathroom was big and roomy. My favorite part of the bathroom was the shower, one of the bigger ones I’ve been in, and the shower head was amazing. The bathroom counter was big enough to have my make-up spread out, as well as Gio’s items. The cool part of this room was that in order for our light switch, AC and anything electrical to work you had to insert your room key into a little box by the door. It is such a good way to save electricity, I loved it!!

The location of this place is by far the best! You have right next door the Cathedral, which is beautiful. Right In front there is a jardín, which is filled with benches or area to walk in. You can walk a couple of streets down and you’re in the main Street of La Paz. You can walk to restaurants, night life or even start your walk along the Malecón. The street you’re in is also the taxi drop off and pick up area. If you don’t bring a car you are set! We walked to some of the restaurants and bars we went to and felt safe to do so!

At first I was skeptical about this hotel, I didn’t really know what to expect and I had read mix reviews about it, which definitely didn’t help!! I would give this hotel 5 star! Everything about it was great, from their decoration to their super friendly and helpful staff! I already can’t wait to go back to La Paz, and when we do, we will definitely book with Hotel Catedral!

Entrance/ First Floor:

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Pool Area:

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Views from pool area:

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If you visit La Paz B.C I would recommend this hotel for you!
Love Dlo..