Dads’ are the True Gents…

Hey Gals and Gents!

I hope you all had an awesome weekend! Mine was filled with a little shopping at Target and great quality time with Gio. We actually went out for a movie, which we hadn’t done in a while. Ok, ok, now to get back on track, we only got a couple more weeks before we get to celebrate our wonderful fathers. I feel like picking out gifts for Father’s day is much harder than Mother’s day, because I know what gifts a women would love. My dad is not much of a tux and tie guy, but if he was, I would definitely get him these wonderful things Gio and I picked out!

We found this super cute vintage looking mug at Target. It wasn’t just any mug, this one had a little mustache printed on it and it said “True Gent”. You know Gio was not going to just pass by and not get it.  Inside the mug were a pair of red, black and gray socks, which, what Gent can go without socks?… NONE SHOULD. Though the mug was in the Father’s day gift section, we decided to get it for Gio as a doggy dad present. Anyways if you get this mug for your father, you can complete this gift with some matching accessories. We paired it with some of our favorite items. The first accessories are from They have a wide variety of items and are very accessible. The tie we chose is a darker grey color with white detailing and a dark silver tie bar. The other items are from Harrison Blake Apparel. Their subscription box have great items, this is where we got the pocket square and lapel pin. All of our items have a very classic look but with a twist. We want all our fathers too look like the cool dads that they are!  

fathers day 9

fathers day 12

fathers day 5

fathers day 4

fathers day 13

fathers day 8

fathers day 10

fathers day 2

fathers day 6

fathers day 3

fathers day 11


Hope this helps you for Father’s day! Keep your DAD dapper!
Love Dlo..