All I want for Christmas is…

Hey there Gals,

I don’t know about y’all but I have been waiting for Christmas for the longest! It’s so magical. Well even with all its magic, it still can stop us from our busy life and forgetting to buy gifts. If you forgot you had put yourself down for an office white elephant gift or forgot to buy your girlfriends something here are two quick and easy ideas, all found in one store. Can you guess which one it is??… If you said Target you are correct!


For the Girly Girl
These are your gals that love to do their make up and are always trying new hairstyles. In this gift there are two cute books on easy hair styles and everyday make up. These books will be perfect to inspire her every day look or try ones that she has not done before, plus it will save her time from having to go on her phone and search for something she is looking for. Though the internet is fast, picking up a book when you are in a hurry and flipping to a page you like is faster. Plus the internet gives you infinite ideas that at the end you don’t even know what look you really want, or at least that happens to me most of the time lol. There is also a faux leather pouch, which you could fill up with some of her favorite make up or leave it empty and let her decide what she needs it more for. I think us gals are always in the need for little bags. Lastly put some cute fuzzy socks for this winter season. We cant go wrong with socks for any one!








For the Netflix and Wine Night type of Gal
These are your Gals that are always up for wine and mask time.. Who doesn’t love to do this?!… Inside this gift are two facial mask (dropping hints she should invite you over when she wants to use them lol). But if she doesn’t, they are perfect for her to relax and enjoy and evening by herself. We all can use a little me time. There’s also a set of wine glasses “Making Spirits Bright” to use with her collection of wine during the Christmas season. Lastly put a pair of socks to make her wine night even more cozy!

xmas2 for real

xmas3 for real




We all forget sometimes but not to worry Target always saves the day!
Love Dlo..