& Another Chapter is Over…

Hey there Gals!

We’ve officially started 2018… Can you believe how far we have came? This past year has been a roller-coaster with lots of new things tried and mini vacations. I have definitely learned a lot including things about myself and dreams I want to fulfill. Like everyone else, I did my best nine of 2017 and I wanted to share with you these moments in detail.

2017 post3

Top three pictures:
All three of these pictures were taken from my trip to La Paz (You can read about the cute little hotel I stayed at  here) This trip was so magnificent; it was the first time I took a trip to such a pretty place. It felt like it was out of a magazine; crystal clear water, pretty town, meeting new people and lots of firsts during this trip like eating oysters. It was so amazing and I would recommend this town to any one! This trip definitely reminded me that in 2018 I want to travel more.

2017 post

Middle three:
First picture was taken at Los Cabos for my birthday. OMG! It was unforgettable, dreamy and fun. Again, another place I only dreamed of going and I got the chance to do it. It was filled with adventures and lots of memories. The middle picture was just a fun Target run and just really wanted to take a picture that was as fun as me. Target makes me feel like a kid in a toy store. (wink wink maybe we’ll partner up for a post…)  Last picture, was about the best Easter dress I found at Forever 21 and was one of my favorite in 2017. It was the definition of Easter hunt outfit perfection ( You can read more about it here).

2017 post1

Last three:
First picture was the picture of my first ever blog post in Spanish. I was so excited to have Spanish speakers come to my blog and see the ideas I have. Plus I loved how the outfit came out (and you can check it out here). Espero que les gusten mis ideas. The middle picture is of my very first blog post. I always dreamed of having a blog and engage with others. The pictures for this post were phenomenal! I loved them so much and it marked the beginning of Dlo’s District! (check my first post here). The last picture is of last years New Years Eve outfit. This shirt was great, super flirty and edgy! What better way than to start the year remembering last year and making it a goal to have a better year!

2017 post2

This best nine were a great mixture of some of the greatest moments in my life in 2017. I love everything I got to do and the new beginnings I got to live. To having a bigger and brighter future for all of us! CHEERS!!!

Thank you all for believing in this blog and following along on my adventures! May I continue to capture your curiosity in this new year!
Love Dlo..