Get Your Juice On…

Hey Gals,

Before we start, I should tell you this is only my opinion and by no means am I a professional, consult with a dietitian if you have any questions or concerns on this process…

If you haven’t figured it out from the tittle I will be sharing with y’all my experience during a juice cleanse I did. So while searching through the web to check out the benefits of juicing and reading various blog post on this cleanse, I came to the conclusion that it was something I really wanted to do. The main reason, that got my attention was the fact that doing this would reset my system. It would be a way to detoxify my body from all the bad food intake and start fresh. Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about my health and how I used to be when I was younger, it put into perspective my lifestyle choices and how much I wanted to change them. I wanted to live a healthier lifestyle!

With that being said, I am following a fellow Chicago blogger (Lakeshore Lady) and she was talking about her juice cleanse experience, I decided to look into the store that she used for her juice and give it a try. Real Good Juice had a lot of information on their page and they even showed you what the juicing schedule looks like. As I was going through their webpage I decided to do the 3 day Juice and Soup cleanse. I thought if I had soup it would make it easier for me to stick with it. So as I placed my order, I started to research and prepare.

Initial thoughts:
Since the time I started researching the benefits of juicing, reviews of other bloggers and talk to people about it, I was super excited. I really felt like it was going to help me reboot my system. One thing I read on the Real Good Juice website was to start cutting out certain foods from my diet a couple of days before my cleanse started, I did it for 3 days and then work and free food got in the way (lol) so I thought it would be fine, since I had done it for 3 days. ( I was wrong but ill tell you more about it in a bit). Well regardless I was excited for this new adventure.


First Day:
I got my juices deliver to my work early in the morning at 10 am. Looked at the juices, which they label for you (1,2,3,4,5,6) Grabbed the first juice and the tea it came with. Lucky Juice Iano was super good. It was flavorful and sweet, the perfect combination to start this process. I kept up with the juices until my lunch break which by then was time for the first soup. I was not a fan of it just because I am not used to them but it was tasty and I ate almost all of it. Between all the juices and the soup I took that first half of the day I was pretty full. Went home drank the rest of the juices dislike the Juice Bigalow and by the end of the night I was pretty moody, hungry and tired. I was so tired I just wanted to go to bed and didn’t get a chance to drink the last juice.

Second Day:
The next day I woke up and for some reason had lots of energy, I was singing and playing with my dog all at 6 am. I think my mom thought there was something wrong with me hahaha. So I drank my first juice at the 9ish but I was getting pretty tired with the juice that I wasn’t even on my second one by 11 then noon came around my body was crashing, I got super dizzy at work and couldn’t finish my soup. I had to go get whole food. Thankfully I work by a lot of restaurants, I got some chicken and ate some of that, drank something sugary and decided that this was not working out. The dizziness took for ever to go away, it was a bad feeling. Got home and drank one of the juices before I ate my dinner. It helped me fill up and not eat much.

Third Day:
On this day in the morning I came to the conclusion that this was not going to work for me and even though my last delivery for juices was coming today, I would work them into my diet. I waited and waited and I think there was a miscommunication with the store and the delivery service because it never came. I called the store to let them know I never received them and they were super friendly and apologized for the inconvenience. They did give my money back for that last day they did not deliver my juices, which was nice of them.

End thoughts:
I think I did not prepare well for this and I wish I would have. I would definitely follow the guidelines that they put on their website, in order for your body to start getting use to the changes. I was also going though a stressful time and I think that also played a toll in my health and what it was going through. Since I have not fasted before, which is kind off what you are doing here because your not eating any whole foods, I would not recommend to start this with out proper preparation.

Overall I will definitely be trying this again now that I know what to expect and really prepare myself for this. I think it is definitely something worth looking into and some of the health benefits according to some people, are great. Like I said I did experience a better mood the next day but I did it for such a short time I couldn’t tell you that everything they say about this is true. If any of you Gals decided to give it a try, share with me your experience or what worked for you!

Trying new things its always great!! (as you can see, I didn’t try it for long I don’t have many pictures of this process..)
Love Dlo..