Swimsuits, Thoughts & Lots of Self-Love

Hey Gals

A little self-love talk on another level. On my resent trip to Jamaica (click here for resort review) I went out of my norm and wore some super cute/flirty swimsuit. You won’t believe me but I most certainly have insecurities about my body image. I would have never worn a cut out suit or low cut for that matter. I am not a single digit size gal and I have a little role here and there and I think viewing these things as a defect it put a damper on how I viewed me. Another thing that I believe takes a toll,  on us gals, is our femininity and sexiness. I thought that because of my figure I had to hide behind boring/ oversized clothes and that is the total opposite of who I want to be. It’s so easy for us, gals, to lose ourselves because of how we look. That is one mistake I will not be doing again! While on my trip to Jamaica I had the time to reflect on myself and see myself differently. It was such an amazing and relaxing experience, it was exactly what I needed to realize some stuff.

Now that I’ve done some thinking and reflecting on myself, I realize, (and everyone else should too) I have to embrace my body and feel confident because if you are ok with it then it doesn’t matter what anybody thinks or says. We all have blemishes so don’t hide them flaunt them, because they make us who we are.  Speaking from my experience, once you start loosing sight of how beautiful you are and look back at it, you can’t explain to yourself why you let those thoughts consume you. When I look back I regret giving up that part of me that makes me unique, our femininity. We are each sexy in our own way; the way we dress, act, our attitude etc. I feel like this is the way we show who we are, sexiness its not juts about flirting but wearing something cute or feeling secure about yourself and projecting that. That is the thing that makes you unique! You may also be the one that puts yourself down with your comments about your body or appearance thinking that’s what the others ONLY see, but I’m 99% sure that your family, friends, significant other or strangers are not looking out for that. When you are ok with how you look and who you are you project something more powerful than that negative image of you that you have in your head. What makes you, you is the way you are,  your attitude, the way you carry  yourself. We have to look in the mirror and tell ourselves, “WE ARE BEAUTIFUL!”

Like I said this trip to Jamaica felt like it brought something inside of me that I had forgotten I had. It all started with me thinking that I should be confident in myself and how I look and get cute swim suits like everyone else. I took a leap of faith and bought a cut out swimm suit from Target that I loved. I knew that once I bought it and packed it there was no going back. I also bought one from Walmart, super colorful and it had a low V-cut in the front and one from Kmart, it had polka dots and low cut from the back. These were all grown up one pieces that I loved and was very nervous about wearing them. The first day in Jamaica I wore the colorful one from Walmart, something flirty but not over board. I looked myself in the mirror and said exactly what I told yall to say, “I am beautiful.” Before when I would wear one pieces my main goal was to hide the pouch I have, so it would be very decorative in my abdominal area but this one was just straight forward not hiding anything. I was so nervous thinking everyone would just stare at my pouch.. I myself repeated that wonderful phrase in my head and it worked! I felt what I was saying, I went to the pool and had and amazing time. The second day I wore my favorite one, which was the cut out one from Target. This one I just thought it was sexy and flirty. For this one I was oh so scared to wear it but I got compliments on it and by this day I was confident enough in myself I didn’t even think twice before putting it on. My initial thoughts as I stared at it where, my little fat from the side is going to stick out, everyone is going to be able to see my stretch marks but I was soo wrong! Yes you could see my stretch marks but those stripes were ready to get a tan and I my thighs looked amazing so I paid no attention. The last swim suit was the polka dot one from Kmart, this one I considered it so flirty I loved it. The butt section was some what revealing and I would have never thought about wearing something this short cut but by this day I was feeling confident in myself. I think about what others would think or say about me but in the end I looked amazing and focused on my first trip to Jamaica. This experience was amazing. I felt like the Dlo I once was and it was amazing! I think sometimes we are all in our heads and start to believe what others tell us, which is why I am a great believer in the power of traveling and taking time for yourself. It puts things in perspective! I hope that you all got a little perspective of why loving yourself the way you are is important to you! Fuck what everyone thinks, BE YOU!




Swimsuit: Walmart (this particular item is not availahle but they have alot more)





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Swimsuit: Target


Swimsuit: Kmart (this link is for the blue option, black is sold out)

Remember the most important love is the one you give yourself!
love dlo