Hey Gals!

I’m back with some super cute accessories from target to finish of your look for the Fourth of July. What better day than to wear those red, white and blue loud and proud! (On this day it’s also my birthday, so thank you for celebrating it! Lol) These accessories are so versatile, inexpensive and cute! Without further ado let me introduce you the two outfits.

For my casual, BBQ day kind of gals I have chosen this grayish/whitish t-shirt dress from target (concidentially). It’s super comfortable for a hot day outside. Paired it with these cute blue strappy sandals. The little block heel is so perfect for someone that wants to look semi-dressy but also comfortable. The color of these sandals is such a perfect royal blue. It’s the perfect combination to enjoy your time with family and friends lighting up some sparkles.

Dress: Target
Sandals: Target

For my hot mamacitas, this Calvin Klein vest dress was the way to go! If your going out to do a little dancing or a nice boat dinner to see the fireworks, this look would be perfect. You would definitely look apart. For this dress , these cute little vibrant red “sock boot” stand out and go perfect! These boots are from target except I found them in the clearance section (seriously this section and I are best friends). They do have some really cute strappy red sandals that would look great too, if your target doesn’t have these booties. If you happen to find some from another store well that would be perfect too.  

Dress: Calvin Klein
Booties: Target

For both outfits I used the same accessories. First is this adorable popsicle bag! It is patriotic AF, I had to have it. Granted it won’t fit a lot of things but for the necessities it would work just fine. Its takes you back to those childhood days without making you look like a little girl. I had to put a little bling so I chose these SUGARFIX red tassel earrings. They are SOO perfect and make such a statement. Lastly I topped it off with these super cute red framed sunglasses because it’s sunny outside, so of course, we needed something for that! These glasses are a perfect inbetween of vintage and modern, don’t you think?

These were all affordable pieces I bought and as far as the dresses you can find some very affordable options like: this vest dress from Forever 21 , this t-shirt dress from Forever 21  or these amazing selections from MissGuided . 



















Get patriotic AF this 4th of JULY!

love dlo