I am as Chic as Chic Hotel!

Hey Gals!

This picture perfect place has me wanting to move to Greece! Oh Greece you are so romantic and beautiful. When my friend and I first booked  our tickets the fist thing I researched was places the place to stay. I was so scared that we wouldn’t be able find a cute place, like the ones I would see on Instagram. Just like that my search for hotels started on Instagram. Pictures from previous hotel customers are the best, it really shows how the hotel looks. Most times the hotels websites have altered photos and you think your getting something but you get another. While on my search I came across the Chic Hotel. My next move was to go to their website and check them out. Their pictures were as dreamy as the ones from their customers. Then I was curious to see what hotel deals I could find. I started with the airlines because sometimes they offer specials since you bought plane tickets with them, Swiss airline offered on their page and lucky enough they had Chic hotel. Of course I had to look for the hotel rating and luckily it has a 4.5 rating on trip advisor, this made the decision so much easier.

Where did I stay:
Like I said my stay was at Chic Hotel in Santorini, Greece. The hotel is located in Firostefani, so close to the upbeat town of Fira. The location was so wonderful. It had amazing caldera and ocean views, plus the path to walk to Fira and Oia was  right above the hotel. It had so many good restaurants. Our stay was during the last week of July. Even thought they told us during this month there would be a lot of tourist we took a chance to see what Greece had to offer. This is also the reason why we thought there would be no hotels available, but so happy we found this one.

What happened at my stay:
My first impression of the hotel was during our email conversation. I wanted to see if they had transportation to and from the airport and if they had plug converters. Their email seemed so ecstatic and happy to respond to any of our questions. They were so helpful and nice. Once we got to Greece our plane to Santorini was delayed twice so I had to call them and change our arrival time. They were so nice and accommodating. We arrive at night time and even then the hotel look so cute! There office is right at the entrance and it was super quick to check in. Once it was morning and I got to see the hotel, it did not disappoint. They have a cute little refreshing cave pool, I knew I had to get some good shots in this pool.  After you were done taking a swim you could catch the sun in their sunbathing section. There were four lounging chairs in a little terrace. In addiction each room had their tables to sit and have breakfast at in the morning, which was my favorite part. Theres just something about eating breakfast with a view.  Now lets get to the part y ‘all been waiting.. The room!

Room Details:
The rooms I stayed in was so big and so pretty, I wanted to shrink it and put it in my luggage. There was definitely a cave vibe, cool cave vibe, when you walked in. As soon as you step in your eyes take you to the back of the room through a glass door. That’s how long it was. Then you see a circle bed.. YES A CIRCLE BED! I was so skeptical about it, in my head I think I’m taller than what I really am so I did not think would be able to fit lol but I did. The bed was so comfortable it made it hard to get up in the morning. Next in the room you see a very cute built in couch with throw pillows and a built in side table with some super modern light fixtures. To your right you see a long desk/table with stuff to make coffee and a TV above the table. Straight ahead you see the comfy circle bed and some type of side table design. Passing the bed theres a concrete wall with a glass door and two glass windows, you could see straight to the back of the bathroom. Once you go in through the door to your left you see a very modern vanity/sink area. The sink was my favorite part. It looked like a tall vase, felt like Santorini Royalty lol. To your right you have a good size jacuzzi which had blue lights that you could turn on and some bubbles. Then you walk to a little hall way and to your right you have a glass door again and tucked in to what looks like a cave is a huge shower/sauna duo. I’m telling you, Royalty treatment or what.. The shower has a little bench and two shower heads, its basically the dream shower! In front of the shower is a little toilet, very simple and modern. All the finishing touches were a mixture of Santorini charm and modern.

Room amenities:
So you already know this room is looking fabulous or atleast you are thinking it. Well the room came with a small area to hang your clothes witch wasn’t too bad. They have a safe for all your important paper, accessories or what ever you may take that needs safe keeping. They have a blow-dryer (halleluiah), tooth brush and paste, shampoo, conditioner, body wash (the good kind), bathrobe with slippers and a good stocked mini bar (not free). These amenities were great because that means I don’t have to carry my own blow-dryer and if I didn’t want to use my airplane tooth brush I could use theirs and not forget mine. Also not many hotels give you good shampoos but these were great I really enjoy a good shampoo and conditioner. Another amenity that came with the room was free breakfast.. OMG their little sausage links and nice buttery and soft croissant will have you dreaming about it for days. Make sure you eat breakfast!! For all the amenities, hospitality and views I think their prices were not bad at all.

Chic hotel and staff were amazing! I loving going to a hotel where they are going to help you, be friendly and make you feel like they genuinely want you to be there. When I go back to Santorini I would definitely book with them again! Their location was also a plus! If you haven’t already click on these links to read my Santorini Itinerary and learn more about my trip or here for my outfit details!

When in Santorini stay at this amazing Hotel!