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On todays post the accessories you need to have for this winter season when you are under the weather. In Chicago, January is the month where we all get sick because the weather changes. It gets colder during this month, and guess what.. I already got sick.


michael kors jacket

The lightweight puffer jacket is the perfect option to prevent a cold or to help you stay warm while you are sick. Wont help your immune system but it will block those hard cold winds. Jackets that don’t feel to snug will let you bundle up and feel well while the winds blow. Dont forget to wear your jacket..

workout gear

Work out Gear:
By now everyone knows a good work out will help you with your cold. Go break a sweat at your local gym with this super cute set from Target! Just remember to reduce the intensity of your work out. Though a work out may not cure you, it will help with your congestion. Make sure to stay hydrated to help your body feel better


Soft Nose:
Ahh worst part of getting a cold is the constant runny nose and the “rash” you get from blowing it all the time. These Klenex feel so good, they are soft! The best part is they smell like vicks and if you know our Mexican moms then you know vaporum fixes everything.. Good compromise if you get tired of rubbing it on your nose. Will make you feel better.

best tea

When you are sick tea is the best thing to drink to make your throat feel better. It is so soothing, like a blanket for the inside of your body. Different types of teas have different benefit and relives different symptoms, depending on how your cold is going. One of my all time favorite is chamomile.

essential oil machine- elypticus, lavander peppermint

Essential Oil Diffuser:
This machine is a miracle worker! Depending on the oil you use it helps clear the air, which helps you breath better and sooth your system. Some oils help you have a better night sleep, which is very needed when you are under the weather. This little machine can help alleviate  your symptoms.


Winter is the time where I find myself using lip balm all the time.. Because of the weather my lips crack more often and I find my self picking at them when they feel dry. Having soft lips betters your appearance and it stops your lips from hurting. When you get sick your lips are bound to dry faster, keep them hydrated! Ive heard great things about this lipbalm and I am left to try.

target thermal

These are my favorite type of lounge wear. It is soft, keeps your warm but its light enough so you don’t feel too hot. There is so many designs, but this one is sophisticated and looks very comfy. Theres some that don’t look very mature but the color for this one plus the very artsy flowers.. I can do tea time in this set.. Lol

old navy socks

I LOVE fluffy socks.. I feel like they are a staple when you are sick. They keep your toes warm while looking super cute. My dad always told me that we get sick when we step on the cold floor with out socks or shoes, perfect excuse to go buy a new pair of fluffy socks when I am sick.

sephora lotion

Because who loves to have dry hands during the winter months. Thought lotion is not going to cure your cold it will help you feel better about yourself. Give your body a little TLC so that while you get your cold in order and out of sight, your skin will be beautiful once you are ok.


Keep the terrible cold away yall!

love dlo