Amazon Last Minute Gift Guide

Hello Gals!

Tis’ the season of L O V E.. Love your family, love your significant other, love your galentines but most of all LOVE YOURSELF.. I rounded up some last minute shopping (YES LAST MINUTE) because I tend to do a lot of last minute shopping! If you have Amazon Prime these items will get to you in time for your love one or yourself.

This might be last minute shopping but these gifts are so cute!

I have hear so many great things about this little journal. For the last year or so these journals have become one of my favorite things to buy. Keep you in tune with your emotions, task and most of all accomplishing your goals. This will be perfect for the old school babes ( like me) that love to jot things down.
PENS PENS PENS! One of those guilty pleasure we probably all had when we were in high school.. Buying the coolest pens, just to let someone borrow them and never return them.. Lucky for us we have learned our lesson on letting people borrow them… and the pens have gotten cuter. The perfect accessory for the boss babes that are always signing their John Hancock or love to jot down notes when creativity strikes.
Those cool babes that decide to wear black on Vday,, we shall thank you because we are definitely standing out from the typical red and pink.. Though I do love a good red/ pink outfit this teddy bear coat would add a pop to your outfit. Whether it is to go out with your hubs or a casual night with your gals, this coat is bound to turn heads.
Oh la la! These sunnies are soo fabulous! That pop of red on a small frame cat eye glasses screams 1950 chic! The color of these glasses make me feel like a sassy gal. If there’s a vacation coming up these would be the perfect gift!
If you though I would not be putting some cute socks.. you are wrong. SOCKS are a must, specially when they have cute hearts on them. I love when I get cute socks. They are part of my lounge wear. Such a cute gift for your bae.
Can you tell this is a locket?? I couldn’t, it looks so minimal and cute I would definitely wear this. Get this for you sweetheart, put a picture of you and let her feel like she’s living a romantic movie scene.
You can’t get her a piece of jewelry without getting her some where safe to store it in. This jewelry organizer will not only store here jewelry, it will also work as a great decoration piece for her room. It has such a modern design, I need it. Will you be my valentine and get me this?!? 🙂
I’ve heard so many great things about this Jade Roller. Besides giving your face a massage it helps reduce wrinkles, puffy eyes and has anti aging factors. Now who doesn’t want a cute little tool that does this for them. I know i do.
For all my MUA or makeup lovers here is the perfect storage for all items you have in bins because you can find a place for them.. The reviews for this storage were phenomenal and i might just have to get one. Can we talk about how cute this looks in pink! I’m sure if you get his for your makeup babe, she will be impressed and for sure love you more than she already does 😉
I don’t have a bath tub for this Caddy but I would buy and travel with it so where ever I stay during my travels I could take the best bath of my life.. I’ve seen so many post where bloggers get this little table to relax after a long day and let me tell you it looks like a luxurious bath.. Everything you might need while taking a bath at the reach of your finger tips.. Tips for my fellas: buy this, set her a bath, put her favorite movie on the phone, some wine or favorite cocktail, great smelling candle, some chocolates and of course a flower.
What better combination than the bath caddy and this super soft robe.. All you need to finish up her perfect bath is this fluffy soft bathrobe to embrace her once she is out of the bath. A good bath robe can go along way. Specially when they are soft. The perfect item for the bath time and they even serve as a great “cardigan” when you are cold and don’t fell like putting sweaters over swearers.

These were some of my favorite items you can get with Amazon Prime.. If you don’t have Amazon Prime, try it free for a month and order these goodies for your Bae. She will appreciate them. If you don’t have a significant other, there is nothing wrong with getting yourself some of these items and showing yourself some SELF LOVE.