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Go Big or Go Home

Hey Gals! It's been a while but let's kick this back up with a product review.. yay!! So first of all this product was gifted to me to try. It has become my favorite of all time. The Kat Von... Continue Reading →

Bite Me…

Hey Gals, Sorry I have been a little MIA! I did a little traveling with my babe then came back, unpacked and packed again to go on a mini-vacay with my dad and brother. But I'm back and today I... Continue Reading →

Sol Theory Box…

Items: Sol Theory Hey Gals, Who else loves the feeling of tracking packages!?! I love it, except when it tells me my package won't make it on time. Today I will be telling you about a new subscription box I’m... Continue Reading →

Short Hair Don’t Care…

  BEFORE AFTER So Gals, I did an “extreme” make over, I cut my hair! I’ve been thinking a lot lately about cutting my hair shorter, just like I did last summer. So I finally did it, the only thing... Continue Reading →

Wash, Dry, Makeup, Repeat…

Brush Cleaner: Sephora It’s finally Friday Gals! To all my makeup aficionadas, I bring you this brush cleaner. No more dirty brushes for you!  This product is from the Sephora Collection and the price for it was $14, pretty economical. This... Continue Reading →

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