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Valentine’s Day Inspiration

Happy [self]Love Day!

Ahh Valentines Day is Tomorrow! So much love to give around not just to your significant other (if you have one) but also to YOURSELFโ€ฆ We got to remember that showing us self love is so import, especially in the... Continue Reading →

Amazon Last Minute Gift Guide

Hello Gals! Tis' the season of L O V E.. Love your family, love your significant other, love your galentines but most of all LOVE YOURSELF.. I rounded up some last minute shopping (YES LAST MINUTE) because I tend to... Continue Reading →

A M O R [love]…

Hey Gals! Guess what we are celebrating tomorrow?! If you are a busy bee, let me fill you inโ€ฆ Tomorrow is Valentine's Day! Let me tell you a little secret. I wasnโ€™t always the biggest fan of the day of... Continue Reading →

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